November 28, 2014

Glenn Cameron – A Man with a Vision
Glenn knew he was on a winner even before buying his first MVU.

“I spent a few thousand dollars and got a complete business with minimum rental. The return on investment was fantastic”.

Since 2003, Glenn has operated one or more Mobile Vending Units in Brisbane, Newcastle and now on the Gold Coast where he trades as Grinding Halt Coffee Carts. He was initially impressed with the concept, the simplicity and the flexibility. Fixed or mobile, the opportunities were extensive.

Today, the MVU concept continues to impress. Glenn prefers fixed locations indoors and reasons that you don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building a kitchen or café, when an MVU performs as well – if not better – for a fraction of the cost.

“Coffee is recession-proof. Everybody needs it and while it doesn’t break their bank it builds ours.”

His MVUs have served hot coffee, cold drinks, fruit salads; pre-packaged foods such as sandwiches and pies, hot foods including Spaghetti Bolognaise and curries. In Glenn’s opinion, coffee is his number one seller.

“All you need is good coffee and a good location.”

According to Glenn, his MVUs paid for themselves in around 3 months operation. “When you find a fixed location,” he says, “it’s money for jam”. Having said that however, Glenn also stresses the importance of doing some homework up front. He looks for big buildings that accommodate 500 people or more. This virtually guarantees an ideal business opportunity.

In Newcastle, Glenn established an MVU in a large Medical Centre. With the nearest cafés a few hundred metres away, it was an ideal location with lucrative turnover and profits. Before moving to the Gold Coast, Glenn sold the business and netted a significant return on his investment. Not bad at all.

“I’d love to have 50 of these running around the Gold Coast!”

Since his initial investment in an MVU, Glenn estimates his turnover has consistently increased some 25%. “I’ve had one MVU for over 10 years now. In that time, I’ve spent little (if anything) in the way of maintenance”. MVUs are beautifully designed and engineered to deliver long-term, reliable service. Would Glenn consider anything else? “I’ve never used any other cart – I’m just happy with the MVU.” Enough said.

Right now, Glenn operates two MVUs. As he’s preparing to establish his latest in a large complex in Surfers Paradise, Glenn offered a few words of encouragement for potential MVU owners:

“To those who want a great business opportunity – but don’t have a lot of money – I’d recommend the MVU. With one of these, the rent will always be low because they don’t take up too much space and they’re so easy and manageable – even for a single operator”.

Glenn Cameron
Mobile: 0408 896 183
Email: [email protected]

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