July 26, 2016

Food is a Lucrative Industry

Mobile Food Trailers

Full Functionality. Minimal Space.

The Australian hospitality industry is booming. It is one of the major contributors to the nation’s economic size and stability. It is a vibrant opportunity and a reliable investment. But while the industry employees a massive number of people, only a lucky few are business owners.

Be Your Own Boss

The start-up costs for a brick and mortar store are astronomical. Land and building costs, renovations, equipment fitting, and staffing a large area are all significant expenses.

Mobile food trailers allow you to own and run your own business without either the starting capital or enormous debt required to open and run a brick and mortar store. But you still get all the perks of being your own boss, and a few more.

Manage a Small Team of Staff

The large staff team required to run a restaurant creates many obligations and drawbacks for a business owner. Training and managing the large team can get drag your focus away from what’s truly important and consume your valuable time. You’ll have to schedule timetables, consider insurance and superannuation funds, and manage interpersonal conflicts. Not being accountable to a boss loses meaning when you have to be accountable to a whole team of staff.

A large team means relying on more people to have things run smoothly, more factors which could go wrong. A mobile food cart can be run efficiently with a just small team of staff to help. You may even be able to manage on your own. Either way you have less obligations to others and can focused on your mobile food trailer’s success.

Mobile Restaurants and Cafes

Food carts can be designed for both food and beverage focused businesses, including combinations. You can take all the equipment of a small cafe wherever the best opportunity is with specialised mobile food trailers. You can read more about the value of mobile coffee carts over brick and mortar cafes in our article comparing the two.

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