Does Your Function Centre Need A Mobile Food and Beverage carts?

Does Your Function Centre Need A Mobile Food and Beverage carts?

Our mobile food and beverage carts for sale will quench all your custom needs. We are the global leader in the production of top quality mobile food and beverage cart.

We design carts depending on the type of services that you will be offering to your customers. We ensure the brand of the logos and colors suit the function event that you will be serving.

Also, the demand for street foods and beverages have been growing in recent days. This is because the majority of people do not have adequate money to buy foods or beverages from the five-star hotels in the city.

However, these street mobile food and beverage carts offer the same tasty meals or drinks to their customers at an affordable price.

You can place these carts at some strategic points on the street and this will give you an opportunity to acquire more customers to your stand.

The mobile vending unit company has helped so many entrepreneurs by the provision of these carts at an affordable price. The experts help them to set it up in case they find it hard.

In the modern days, the competition from the big restaurant has been stiff but our carts are made from appealing colors that can lure as many customers as possible.

Are you organising for an event?  Well, the mobile food and beverage carts will do you better since the operator will help to serve your guest in an organised manner.

The food and beverage carts from our company are made of 304-grade stainless steel. This implies that they can last for long without a tear and wear.

The shiny appearance of the carts enables them to be resistant to corrosion despite being exposed to all factors causing corrosion.

The wide counter extension will enable the operator to serve several customers at the same time. The endings of the carts are much secured when they are closed.

The basic design of our carts has been evolving for years and it is the reason behind our award-winning in the manufacture of top quality carts.

Our mobile food and beverage are movable as well as easy to operate. You do not need any form of training in order to open up and begin operating.

In case you events are either indoor or outdoor, no need to get worried because our carts are fitted with wheels that will enable them to maneuver on any type of floor surface.

The bottom of the carts is fitted with water tanks that are portioned so that it can carry both freshwater and wastewater. The dry storage cupboards help in the storage of utensils for the customers.

The integrated speakers in the bulkhead help to provide soft and soothing music sound to the guest in the event as they get served with the food of their choice.

The power consumption is low and this is aimprovement to why they tend to be economical for startup businesses. The hot water system from the taps helps to get rid of oily foodstuff on the plates.

Does your function need a mobile food and beverage cart? Well, get in touch with us today and we will deliver them on your doorstep. We the global leader and award-winning company in the business.

Advantages of Operating a Mobile Food and Beverage Cart Business

Here are some of the advantages of operating food and beverage carts business in events or streets. They include:


It is quite difficult to penetrate in this market in the recent days since there are several giant shops that offer the same services. However, the cost of running such big shops is quite high and it is the reason that leads to the development of mobile carts.

The cost of acquiring these carts are quite low and affordable. This is the reason why these mobile vendors are still in the market up to today.


Most of these mobile coffee and food carts from the mobile vending unit are versatile. This is because they are fitted with wheels to enable you to move around the streets and parks in search of customers. It also implies that you can pick a cart that suits your budget.


You can operate mobile food and beverage carts on a very flexible schedule. You can fit your business according to your lifestyle. You can opt to sell food or beverage in the events or shows around the city.

Not Seasonal

Food is not seasonal. People tend to eat in the rest of their life. You will always find people around who eat and drink regardless of the weather changes. This is a goldmine for those who want to venture into the business.


The trending market for street foods and drinks can result in huge profit margins for a business. Many people prefer them since they are quite affordable and still tasty as those found in big hotels.

The profit margins from the business have resulted in an incredible increase in the type of business across the world.

Challenges of Operation A Mobile Food and Beverage Cart Business

The business has also experienced a lot of shortcomings and challenges too. These challenges include:


Getting licenses to operate in certain locations of the city can be challenging and this will make you to part ways with some extra cash. You cannot commence mobile vending of foods and beverages without the licenses.


Booming of the market where people like eating and drinking has resulted in a lot of competition. This has affected negatively the small mobile business people who operate food and beverage carts. Sometimes it tends to be hard to penetrate the market due to the stiff competition.

Limited Trading Hours

People tend to eat and drink at a stipulated time. Some people will consume coffee early in the morning while heading to work and eat during lunch hours. Therefore, you will be expected to wake up early and identify a strategic place where you will serve your customers.

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