Grow Your Mobile Food & Beverage Cart with Your Business

Grow Your Mobile Food & Beverage Cart with Your Business

The mobile vending unit is an award-winning company in the production of mobile food and beverage carts. The company has been in operation for over some decades now and manufacture food carts that are of high quality.

Do you want to venture in selling foods and beverages? Well, our mobile food and beverage carts are here to help your startup. They are made from stainless steel which is a strong and durable metal.

The carts are designed in a way that they can be fitted on a motorbike and be pulled along the street or a strategic point where you can get plenty of customers easily.

They are also fitted with wheels in order to make movement very easy and simple. This is the reason behind being called mobile food and beverage carts.

Our designers usually work around the clock in order to improve the designing of the carts so that they can be outstanding from the available carts in the market.

The carts are fitted with doors that are quick to open and close. The cash drawer is designed in a way that it ensures top security of your cash made in a day. This will help your mobile food and beverage cart to grow.

The stainless steel is of 304-grade and that is why it is highly recommended by various health departments. They are smooth on the surface to enhance easy cleaning and it discourages bacterial causing diseases from invading.

The booming business of fast food has resorted for entrepreneurs to identify the opportunity and venture into it so as to make extra income. Most of this entrepreneur avoid setting up shops for fast food because it requires several legal formalities.

Food carts and beverage carts are simple as well as easy to operate. You only need a few legal requirements to venture into the business. This has created an opportunity for business people.

The good thing about mobile food and beverage carts is that they are highly portable as well as lightweight. Therefore, you do not exhaust your energy moving around with them.

The appealing and shiny appearance helps to lure customers on your stand easily. This will enable you to make a lot of sales at the end of the day.

The counter extension of the carts is so wide and it can enable you to prepare and serve several customers at ago. The ends of the counter extension are also secured when closed.

At the bottom of these carts, there are two tanks partitioned in order to separate the tank with fresh water and the other one with waste. This is the reason why they are also environmentally friendly in terms of waste management.

The sinks and the taps that produce water at high pressure helps also to ensure the hygienic level is up to the standards. You can easily wash the dirty utensils to ensure cleanliness. The water pump is behind the pressure producing water taps on the sinks.

The energy consumption of the food carts and beverage carts is quite too low. This is economical since the overhead costs will always be low.

The most important feature of the beverage cart is the hot water system with thermostat control. It helps to generate hot water for preparing coffee for customers instantly.

At the mobile vending unit company, we have a proven history for manufacturing versatile mobile food and beverage carts for our customers across the country.

The manual soap dispenser enables your customers to wash their hands before and after meals. This is another reason why our carts are highly approved by the health department.

The presence of refrigerator help to store remaining food at the end of the business and it safeguards it from getting spoilt. The dry storage cupboards create room for storage of cups and glasses meant for serving beverages to the customers.

Do you want to grow your mobile food and beverage cart business? Well, you can get in touch with us and get to know various types of carts at our disposable. We have both new and old carts. The choice is always yours since it depends on your budget and preference.

We offer aftersales services like shipping the cart up to your doorstep and also assembling up in case you find it hard. However, we usually provide instruction manual of setting them up after manufacturing.

Get your mobile food and beverage carts from us today then start your dream business instantly. You will need to compile with the government rules of running a business and you will be ready to go.

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