Improve Workplace Health and Safety with Portable Hand Washing Stations

Improve Workplace Health and Safety with Portable Hand Washing Stations

In the modern days, several business owners have been forced to compile with health and safety of their employees. The regulations have exerted a lot of pressure on these business organisation.

This is the reason why mobile vending unit come into existence so that they can not only help the organisation compile with the rules but also increase the productivity and lower downtime.

The greatest accomplishment done by the mobile vending unit is to come up with portable hand washing stations. Hand washing is considered to be the healthiest habit of all time.

It is commendable to wash hands before and after meals. The location where you are washing your hands’ matters a lot. The high-quality portable hand washing station from the mobile vending unit is here to offer a permanent solution.

Several places in the working environment are never clean and this is a threat to the health of your workers. Installation of this high-quality hand washing station from our company will add a huge plus in your production level.

Our stations are designed in a unique way and they can serve a large number of workers per day. It is made from stainless steel and this implies that they will never rust regardless of being exposed to factors causing rusting.

The unit is also fitted with a high capacity of hand washing solution hence once it is fully filled, it cannot run out in the course of the day. This will ensure the health safety of your workers which will be portrayed by the high yields earn by your organisation.

The design of the station is quite simple and nobody requires training in order to operate it. It is quite simple to locate the taps for water and that for hand washing solutions.

They are supplied with a large sink and below the tanks are partitioned.  There is a huge tank that usually holds fresh water and another one waste. This is to ensure fresh water for hand washing does not come into contact with dirty water.

The mobile vending unit company is here to make personal hygiene accessible by providing quality portable hand washing station to your company.

Our portable hand washing stations are not only suitable for the working environment but also for venues such as schools and sports grounds. These stations are designed to also abide by the regulations concerning our environment in general.

The stations are fitted with wheels in order to make movement quite easily. This is the reason why they are ever volatile and versatile. You can place in any location you want and even change anytime you want.

It has taps for both cold water and warm water. The hot system will help to remove greasy substances on the hands and the water pump help to generate pressure in the taps.

This is the huge and very vital investment you should venture in so that you can avoid collision with various government agencies dealing with health and safety.

The portable hand washing stations are very easy to set up for use and in case you are unable to follow our manual then our experts will help you to set it up.

They are also manufactured in different sizes. Therefore, you can pick one that will fit your organisation. The large business organisation tends to need bigger stations as compared to their counterparts.

The mobile hand washing station usually comes with a warranty in order to assure our customers about the quality of the materials used to manufacture is high. This has made our company to gain popularity for over some decades now.

Portable hand washing stations have become popular in modern days especially in areas where there are no traditional sinks.

Do you want to increase the productivity of your company? Well, it is high time you think about installing portable hand washing stations in your company. According to science, prevention is better than cure.

Ensure your workers are protected from germs causing diseases. Encourage them to adopt the habit of hand washing so that they will never fall sick. This is the process will help your business gain a lot of yields in the long run.

Have you ever thought of visiting mobile vending unit? Did you know they have such units? Well, now you know and it is better to make an early step by purchasing the station for your workplace. This is only possible if you value the health of your workers than accumulating a lot of profit at their expense.

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