The Mobile Retail Station can be leased to tenants in shopping centres or used by an operator in buildings and/or markets etc to retail the likes of real estate, clothing, shoes and other services. 

Like all Mobile Vending Unit products, the Mobile Retail Station is manufactured using 304 (food) grade stainless steel, is fully compliant, can be wheeled through a standard doorway, into service elevators and if required can be towed on a trailer behind a car. 

mobile-retail Designed and built to ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 quality and environment management standards.

Quick to set up and quick to close up

The Mobile Retail Sation offers versatile solutions for conducting business in multiple or a fixed location. Ideal for single-handed operation, the Mobile Retail Station can be easily wheeled through standard domestic doorways and into service elevators. 

Turn cramped spaces into business opportunities

Space efficiencies make this perfect for turning tight, under-utilised areas and busy thoroughfares into successful profit centres. 


  • Manufactured using 304-grade stainless steel
  • Counter extension doors to extend the length of the counter
  • Left side counter extension door rotates through 180 with safety lock & can be detached
  • Customer service shelf to extend the counter width
  • Point of Sale long-life neon under customer service shelf
  • Removable/demountable stainless-steel menu frame with the board to mount signage both sides
  • Stainless plugs to hide holes in the leg if menu not used
  • Removable stainless frame caps – screw in
  • Single key locks on drawers, if supplied
  • Single hole with access to power and utilities to service module below the counter
  • Fixture for a beach umbrella
  • Vinyl night cover
  • Delivered in a reusable crate


Extensions Open Closed
Length 2928mm 115.27in 1450mm 57.08in
Width 888mm 34.96in 700mm 27.55in

All new Mobile Vending Unit equipment comes with a one-year conditional parts warranty & three-month conditional labour warranty.

Global Approvals

approval-logos Because MVUs are designed and built for local and international markets, each unit comes with a long pedigree of approvals from some of the toughest testing laboratories in the world. These include C-Tick Testing & Approval; CE, ETL Listed Mark; NSF International and UL, the global independent safety science company.

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