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Mobile Vending Units is the supplier of the ultimate Coffee Cart.

We have three coffee cart models manufactured using 304 (food) grade stainless steel, are fully compliant, can be wheeled through a standard doorway and if required, can be towed on a trailer behind a car.  All four carts have the same utilities, including an under-counter refrigerator, two sinks, hot water system, filtration, water pump etc.

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Mobile Coffee Cart

This is our original award-winning Mobile Vending Unit (“MVU”) design. Today it’s a global leader with a unique 2-year conditional parts’ warranty, a string of awards and international approvals. The basic design has not only endured; it has evolved over the years.

While the Mobile Coffee Kiosk Cart is big on features and benefits, it is still easily manoeuvrable, quick to open up, operate and close up. And you can wheel it easily through standard domestic doorways and into some service elevators.

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Mobile Coffee Station

The Mobile Coffee Station is wonderful for turning those under-utilised spaces (such as under stairs or escalators) into lucrative possibilities.The Mobile Coffee Station offers several different configurations to suit various needs. As illustrated, you can choose 3-cup sleeves and no drawers, or no cup sleeves and 3 drawers or any combination in-between.

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Mobile Coffee Cafe

The MVU Mobile Cafe is a winning combination of state-of-the-art elements that operate independently or in concert, as your business plan allows. Most MVU Mobile Cafe operators start out with a Coffee Cart (or Station) and then add one or more Display Cabinets (Heated or Refrigerated) and one or more Storage Modules (Heated, Refrigerated, Ambient or Freezer).

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Global Leaders in Coffee Carts

Set your cart up in an office corridor, take it along to major public events, park it on the street in a busy business district—wherever the customers are, you can find and follow them.  Mobile Vending Units are the global leader in delivering quality mobile coffee carts and mobile coffee stations that not only look fantastic but are also extremely functional.

When the cart is closed, it can be conveniently wheeled through a standard doorway, meaning the options of where you can set yourself up for sale are endless.  The versatility and adaptability of our products provide so much potential for your business, allowing you to fully function as a café, without the overhead costs and without finding yourself tied down to the one location.


When you purchase a cart from us, we provide you with a three-month conditional labour warranty, as well as a two-year conditional parts warranty and global approvals. Thanks to our thoughtful, progressive designs, each cart comes with a counter that offers as much space as the average coffee shop when it is opened out. This ensures that you have all the space you need to create delicious tasting coffee so your customers don’t sacrifice on quality.

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