Fully-featured, business-ready mobile opportunity

This is our original award-winning MVU design. Today it’s a global leader with a unique 1-year conditional parts’ warranty, a string of awards, and a whole swag of international approvals.

Back in 1990, some said it was way ahead of its time – we think it still is.The basic design has not only endured; it has managed to inspire any other mobile carts. Very flattering!

Over the years, we’ve maintained on-going research and development resulting in modifications that have been incorporated to help the MVU maintain its cutting edge in what’s becoming a very crowded market place.

MVU Food

Designed and built to ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 quality and environment management standards.

Still dedicated to quality

Yet while change is so often productive, it’s the things that ‘stay the same’ that continue to set MVU apart from the rest. And those things are our insistence on absolute quality materials and craftsmanship as well as a true understanding of the real needs of an ever-changing marketplace.

A growing business opportunity

The real beauty of the MVU is its versatility, adaptability and its potential to grow with you as your business grows. Simply by adding MVU Display Cabinets and MVU Storage Modules, you can create a mobile business with all the functionality of a small cafe or espresso bar – but with all the benefits of being a fraction of the cost and easily relocatable.

While the Food & Beverage Cart is big on features and benefits, it is still easily maneuverable, quick to open up, operate and close up. And you can wheel it easily through standard domestic doorways and into service elevators.


  • Manufactured using 304 (hospital) grade stainless steel
  • Aluminium powder coated gullwing doors
  • Box gutter between gullwing doors with downpipes
  • Counter extension doors that extend the counter length
  • Customer service shelf that extend counter width of the counter
  • Integrated LED point of purchase, menu and down-lights
  • Integrated CD, radio & speakers
  • Cash drawer
  • Dry storage cupboard
  • Food Vending Unit (FVU), including:
    • Two sinks and tap set with automatic cut-off
    • Water tank with low water level sensor alarm
    • Waste tank with high level sensor alarm
    • Water pump
    • Water filtration
    • Hot water system
    • Manual soap dispenser
    • Internal light

sb_annexOur custom-made cart Annex is manufactured with a stainless steel frame and fireproof material


MVU Fully Open Closed
Height 2270mm 89in 2000mm 79in
Length 3820mm 150in 2130mm 84in
Width 2250mm 88.5in 750mm 30in

MVU carts are designed to operate with optional MVU Storage Modules and Display Cabinets

2 Year Warranty

All new Mobile Vending Unit equipment comes with a one-year conditional parts warranty & three-month conditional labour warranty.

Global Approvals


Because MVUs are designed and built for local and international markets, each unit comes with a long pedigree of approvals from some of the toughest testing laboratories in the world. These include C-Tick Testing & Approval; CE, ETL Listed Mark; NSF International and UL, the global independent safety science company.

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