Improve workplace hygiene – anywhere

Today, business owners are under increasing pressure to observe stringent guidelines re: workplace health and safety. Simple measures such as offered by the Mobile Wash Station (Portable Sink with Hot and Cold Water) can not only encourage greater compliance, but result in improved productivity and much less down time.

Portable Sink: Hot and Cold Water: 1 Basin Self Contained Mobile Sink


Our Mobile Wash Stations are a high-capacity washing solution manufactured using 304 (hospital) grade stainless steel and are simple to operate. They can be pushed through a standard domestic doorway and supplied with one large or two sinks.

Because of its high capacity and extreme ease of manoeuverability, the MVU Mobile Wash Station makes hygiene even more accessible. Ideal for venues such as schools and sports grounds; function centres; and remote areas such as mining and construction industries (just to name a few!) Designed and built to ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 quality and environment management standards.


The ‘Mobile Wash Station’ is fully integrated and designed to be used for personal hygiene or for cleaning utensils, etc. It comes equipped with water and waste tanks, water pump, plumbing, hot water system, distribution board, one or two sinks, counter extensions and service shelf.


Simple to use and can be pushed through a standard domestic doorway and into service elevators.


  • Manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel
  • Single sink 1050 x 355 x 250mm with 93 litre capacity
  • Retractable hose set – hot & cold water
  • Stainless-steel sink lids
  • Water container 19.5 litre capacity
  • Waste container 50 litre capacity x 2
  • Hot water system
  • Water pump
  • Distribution power board
  • Lift-up extensions counter length
  • Service shelf to extend counter width
  • Two stainless-steel lift-off doors
  • Removable stainless frame caps
  • One access hole in the cupboard floor for extension lead
  • Vinyl night cover
  • Delivered in reusable crate


Counter Extensions Fully Open Closed
Length 2937mm 115.62in 1500mm 59.05in
Width 750mm 29.52in 750mm 29.52in

All new Mobile Vending Unit equipment comes with a one-year conditional parts warranty & three-month conditional labour warranty.

Global Approvals

approval-logos Because MVUs are designed and built for local and international markets, each unit comes with a long pedigree of approvals from some of the toughest testing laboratories in the world. These include C-Tick Testing & Approval; CE, ETL Listed Mark; NSF International and UL, the global independent safety science company.

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