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If you want to attract maximum attention at sausage sizzles or wherever hot dogs are a big hit, then this is it. The MVU Sausage & Hot Dog Carts really stand out in a crowd and functions exceptionally well in all climates – indoors and out.

Really good, really fast food

The MVU Sausage & Hot Dog Cart provides all the quality assurances of the original MVU – you can open it up in under 2 minutes; it’s ideal for single-handed operation and it’s easily maneuverable through standard domestic doorways and service lifts. Hot Dog Carts for Sale: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, NZ, Australia, Auckland, wellington Designed and built to ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 quality and environment management standards.

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By adding MVU Storage Modules and heated or chilled Display Cabinets, you’re increasing the business potential enormously. Check them out on the Storage Module and Display Cabinet pages.

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  • Manufactured using 304 (food) grade stainless steel
  • Aluminium powder coated gullwing doors with a fail-safe system
  • Box gutter between gullwing doors with downpipes embedded in mainframe
  • Integrated CD player with radio and speakers in the bulkhead
  • Counter extensions that extend the counter and secure ends when closed
  • Customer service shelf with neon light and gas struts to extend the counter width
  • Five holes with access for power and utilities to service module below the counter
  • Two electric cooking appliances; roller and griddle or two of one type
  • Dry storage cupboard
  • Cash drawer in upper right-hand side cupboard
  • Energy Management Unit (10A1P or 15A1P or 20A1P or 32A1P or 32A3P)
  • LED point of purchase & menu lighting
  • Refrigerator (CE compliant)
  • Sockets on right hand side for Combo
  • Food Vending Unit, including:
    • Two Sinks
    • Faucet with automatic cut-off
    • Water tank
    • Waste tank
    • Security strap with buckle for water & waste containers
    • Elevated slides in a service module
    • Manual soap dispenser
    • Water filter
    • Hot water system with thermostat control
    • Jabsco Water pump
    • Internal light
    • Gas strut
    • Secured wiring with conduit protection
    • Splash shield
    • Access hole in service module floor
  • Castors x 4 – 150mm, 2 lockable
  • Fully lockable
  • Vinyl cover
  • Delivered in reusable crate

sb_annexOur custom-made cart Annex is manufactured with a stainless steel frame and fireproof material


MVU Fully Open Closed
Height 2270mm 89in 2000mm 79in
Length 3820mm 150in 2130mm 84in
Width 896mm 35.27in 699mm 27.5in

MVU carts are designed to operate with optional MVU Storage Modules and Display Cabinets

Warranty For 2 Year
All new Mobile Vending Unit equipment comes with a two-year conditional parts warranty & three-month conditional labour warranty.

Global Approvals

approval-logos Because MVUs are designed and built for local and international markets, each unit comes with a long pedigree of approvals from some of the toughest testing laboratories in the world. These include C-Tick Testing & Approval; CE, ETL Listed Mark; NSF International and UL, the global independent safety science company.

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